Adam James.

My Account Of Events: Part 3

Adam James

One night a woman set fire to the facility we were in, to suicide by fire. She was under house arrest for arson. She was a giant woman. Taller than me and twice my size. The facility was set up like a minimum security prison. We looked after a couple of murderers there who had […]

My Account Of Events: Part 2

Adam James

I’m passionate about helping people out of crisis situations. When I was young I went through hell and noone was there for me. I had a few well intentioned people try and help. The few times I trusted people I’d tell them what was going on and their eyes would glaze over. They simply didn’t […]

My Account Of Events: Part 1

Adam James

I’m gonna share with you my story over the last 2 years. I never thought what has happened would be possible in Brisbane, Australia. Conspiracy, police cover ups, crime & deception. I get to see the underbelly of Brisbane every day. No one knows what is really going on. Most people live sheltered lives. That […]