Adam James.

My Account Of Events: Part 1

Adam James

I’m gonna share with you my story over the last 2 years. I never thought what has happened would be possible in Brisbane, Australia. Conspiracy, police cover ups, crime & deception. I get to see the underbelly of Brisbane every day. No one knows what is really going on. Most people live sheltered lives. That […]

Human Rights, Feminism & Men’s Rights

Human Rights are a complex issue. It’s something we’ve only really been able to articulate as a species in the last few hundred years. Historically most cultures had human rights embedded in their religion which served as a guide. However, all religions disagree on some issues and even internally within religions, there are polarising views […]

Volunteering Tips for Volunteers

Here’s some advice for anyone wanting to volunteer from someone who’s been involved at every level of community work for over 15 years: If you find yourself wanting to volunteer consider very carefully why you want to do it. If it’s because you are feeling deeply troubled inside, empty, lonely, scared & lost. Go look […]

The One Where I Cut A Worm Out Of My Chest

When I was about 20 years old I was working on a farm just outside the township of Shepparton in Northern Victoria.  I was working hard and living in a tent at the edge of an orchard of pears perched beside a rusted out old tractor.  The days were long.  When you’re picking pears you have […]

Music, Connection, Old Love & Bob Marley

Today I went into the city to explore and capture some images and develop some ideas about connection and community.  I sought for photos to illustrate my upcoming Tedx talk/book “Community is the Cure; disconnection is the disease”. I walked around and to be honest I was so lost in thought listening to Bob Marley that not so many […]

Nominated for Australian of the Year

I was very surprised & honoured to learn that I was nominated for Australian of the Year for 2015. I love that two of the points in the criterion for the award are “who lead by example” & “inspire others” which is a part of my mission statement. So grateful and honoured.

Caffeine Kindness on ABC Radio National

Adam James Radio National

Originally Broadcast Sat 31 May 2014 at 9:48am https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/archived/rnfirstbite/suspended-coffee/5483134 They say that charity begins at home, but now it can start at your local cafe. The growing international trend of buying two coffees and leaving one ‘in suspense’ is a new incarnation of an old trend that is thought to have started more than a century […]

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