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Here is a list of the consulting services Adam is available for:

Crisis Intervention Advice, Support or Management

Adam has many years of experience working with people in a variety of extreme crisis situations including hostage situations, suicide interventions, negotiating with armed assailants, fires, etc.  He has successfully negotiated people out of extremely dangerous and complex scenarios.  He works every day with the police, the court system, politicians, psychologists, lawyers, other professionals and community services to support his clients towards a favourable outcome for them and the greater community.

He has been running an organisation assisting people with the most extreme complex needs for many years now.  Liberty Enterprises has a suite of services available for assisting families facing various crisis situations.

If you’re facing a complex crisis situation and need expert advice or support then get in touch now.

Management Consulting

Specifically for support with:

• Drafting Mission & Vision Statements.  Finding the words to articulate the very heart & purpose of your enterprise.  Words that will inspire and unite your team.  Words that will draw the right clients and repel the wrong ones.

• Drafting a Strategic Plan.  Most big thinking entrepreneurs shudder at the thought of meticulously planning the years ahead, especially when you’re at the start and struggle to plan merely days ahead.  A plan should always be flexible and adapt as you grow.  A great business idea needs the plan clearly and succinctly written down to communicate who, how, why and where you’re going.  A great Strategic Plan will lead a dream into reality.

• Developing & Implementing Systems & Procedures.  Most entrepreneurs struggle at the point of employing multiple staff specifically with delegating tasks and responsibilities and then tracking progress on projects.  Adam can work with you to develop your own cheap innovative, tailored, flexible “Operating System” for your unique organisation.  

• Professional debriefing.  After running his own grass roots charity working with violent offenders with a handful of untrained staff and volunteers Adam knows how important is to have someone to regularly debrief with.  Venting with someone who has a wealth of experience but is also detached from your organisation & personal life, during a crisis, is a vital strategy for sustained productivity and healthy work/life balance.

Social Enterprise & Community Development

• Advice for writing Mission & Vision Statements, a Strategic Plan, Policies & Procedures and other necessary supporting documentation to help build a thriving organisation

• Advice on implementing strategies for seeing real life changing and replicable transformation in the individuals the organisation is supporting

• Defining what success is and is not.  Setting the right KPI’s and SMART Goals.

• Developing an inclusive therapeutic culture between all the relationships including…

◦ Management & Staff

◦ Staff & Clients

◦ Organisation & Community

• How to most accurately measure and record the impact of your organisation

• How to build a great team culture that attracts great people and makes people want to come to work.

All services are charged at a flat rate of $135 per hour. Please contact via the form below to discuss further or to book an appointment. Adam or one of his staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

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