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Doggone – Part 1

Doggone – Part 1

I recently adopted a little pitbull puppy. I’ve named him Ned. He’s a beautiful natured dog with lots of energy. Ned is the first dog I’ve owned so I’m learning a lot! I started off reading a few books about dogs to get a better understanding of dogs in general. I’ve spoken with a lot of dog owners. I’ve had people tell me lots of different things. Some of the advice has been contradictory. Reading books on the topic can help dispel some of the myths.

Dog Books

First off I read Zac George’s book Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide To Raising The Perfect Pet With Love. Zac is a brilliant teacher. Not just for training dogs but for teaching average people how to train their dog. He uses a no punishment model which I think is brilliant. Zac George has a youtube channel with hundreds of videos demonstrating insightful ways to train your dog. If you want to learn how to train your dog then read the book and watch the youtube channel.

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide To Raising The Perfect Pet With Love

I also recommend this book by Stanley Coren. It was really enlightening. Bestselling author, psychologist, and world-renowned expert on dog behavior and training, Coren presents an informative, in-depth, fascinating book. He approaches the topic as an academic but communicates it well for everyone. How Dogs Think gives an insight toward understanding the silly, quirky, and apparently irrational behaviors that dogs demonstrate. It lets you see through a dog’s eyes, hear through his ears, and even sense the world through his nose, as Coren presents a fascinating picture of the way dogs interpret their world and their human companions, and of how they solve problems, learn, and take in new information.

How Dogs Think also answers questions such as: Can dogs count? Do they have an appreciation of art or music? Can a dog learn how to do something just by watching another dog or even a person do it? Do dogs dream? What is the nature of dog personality? Which behaviors are prewired into your dog, and which can you actually change? And, can dogs actually sense future earthquakes or detect cancer? I definitely recommend this book so you can better understand your dog and dogs in general.

Dog Crates

I started crate training from day one. I wanted him to have some clearly set boundaries. He’s an “outside dog”. That said, I have a large covered outdoor patio area with a fire pit. I’ve set up a large dog crate with a cover. Here’s the link to get one if you’re interested. Now most of the pros say to get a crate that is just a bit bigger than your dog. This way they are less likely to poop in the crate. The idea is that if it’s quite big they will make a toilet area in one corner. I opted for the biggest crate I could get. 1. I plan on getting a 2nd puppy very soon. 2. I want to toilet train my dogs very well. I have another solution for them to stay in during the day when I’m out.

This dog crate has a plastic tray on the bottom that easily slides out. I put in some old sheets in the crate to keep Ned warm at night. The first few nights the sheets were full of shit and soaked with piss in the morning! I washed them off with the hose and then put them through the washing machine (on their own). I’m doing this nearly every day. Then I slide the tray out and hose it down in the sun. I’ve been picking the poops up with toilet paper and carrying them, along with Ned, to a specific spot in the backyard. He’s getting the hang of pooping there on his own accord throughout the day. I’m reinforcing every time he takes a shit there by giving him a treat immediately after along with patting him and saying “good dog” etc.

Dog Crate

But when I first got him he was very little and it was around 5 degrees. So I bought a small foldable pet carrier. The first few nights he cried all through the night. I think it was the 2nd night it was so bad I had to put him on my bed and put my hand inside the crate and sleep holding him. He’s not exactly a tough guard dog yet!

Portable Dog Crate
Portable Dog Crate



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