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Doggone – Part 3

Doggone – Part 3

Feeding My Dog

From researching initially it seemed like the best commercially available dog food was from Royal Canin. It’s the most expensive and purports to be the best. However, doing just a little research revealed that it’s comprised mostly of corn & wheat. The team at Pet Food Reviews had this to say about Royal Canin:

There are four main ingredients in the food, so don’t be duped by “meat as the first ingredient”. The 2nd and 3rd ingredients happen to be corn and… more corn ? This is a cunning labeling trick known as “ingredient splitting” where an ingredient is split into two to make another ingredient (meat) look more significant. It’s possible there’s twice as much corn (maize) in the formula as meat, and given the 4th ingredient is wheat flour we’re likely faced with 3 parts grain to 1 part meat.

Not the “premium” canine diet we were expecting?

The 7th ingredient is more wheat, and given it’s known to be one of the most common causes of allergies and itchy skin that’s not good. Ironically, if your dog develops an allergy or itchy skin your vet will recommended a scientific “sensitive” formula, likely from Royal Canin (or Hill’s). There’s no real science though, it’s just that sensitive anti-allergy formulas don’t contain common allergens, like wheat.

Credit where credit’s due, larger manufacturers have better regulation and standards within their factories. Combined with better quality control we have some assurances with standard.

-Pet Food Reviews

It’s a pretty disappointing review. I was recommended Royal Canin from a “dog dietitian” at Pet Barn. It seems she was a saleswoman and not so much concerned about my dog’s diet.

So I’ve started looking for better alternatives to phase Ned onto. Dogs can be fussy with their food and is still a young puppy so I don’t want to make the change to extreme. I also want to find a diet that’s simple to stick to and it’s gonna give him the nutrients he needs to be healthy. I’m also aware that puppies have different dietary needs than adult dogs. But I don’t fully understand this yet. I’m still researching.

Thanks to some tips from some fellow pitbull owners in the facebook group “Pitbulls Australia” I have come across another group called Fit, Healthy & Raw Fed Dogs, Australia & New Zealand. This sounds like a great option. I’ve spoken with several veteran pitbull owners and it seems chicken mince is good meat to start him on. Many people suggested other meats such as Kangaroo. This sounds like a great option as he grows up but apparently, puppies need more fat in their diet which chicken has. Kangaroo is extraordinarily lean.

Many people suggested adding vegetables to his diet. It seems after reading into Royal Canin that this is a great idea. Processed wheat and corn are just terrible products. I’ve purchased some frozen mixed veggies. I’m going to test this and see if he likes it. I’m also going to do some more research. There has to be some more reliable data on this.

More to come on dog diets.


Ned likes to chew. He has tiny razor sharp teeth that slice any thing they touch including couches, Havaianas and arms. It was kindof cute at the start but now it’s already a problem.

I read on the RSPCA site that it’s entirely normal. It’s something we all know dogs do. Even if you don’t own a dog it’s a running joke in movies and cartoons. It’s part of a dog’s nature. What’s important is finding out why they’re chewing and how to redirect toward something acceptable to munch on. Because my arm is starting to bleed and it’s not fun anymore.

Firstly, the RSPCA site suggests that one possible cause is boredom and anxiety. I don’t think that’s the case in my situation. Ned is a puppy and he’s probably teething. His jaw is designed to kill things and eat them. He needs to be given things that can exercise his jaw that are okay.

Dog & His Bone
Dog & His Bone

I bought this lamb bone from my local butcher today. Ned loves it! He hasn’t left it alone since he got it. It’s not just about the meat or the flavour. It seems to almost be an exercise for his mouth.

Dog Toys

Dog Toys
Dog Toys

Another thing I got for Ned is some dog toys. I was thought this was ridiculous before owning a dog. Now I get it. They have to have something to chew on and play with. If you’re doing positive reinforcement training they need something to be redirected to. That’s where the toys come in.

I bought him a mixed pack from Amazon. I read that Pitbulls especially love ropes. They are hardwired to play tug of war. Ned didn’t any training for that one! His prey drive kicked in right away. I don’t know what it’s perceived to be? Like is it a “snake” or a “bird”? Whatever it’s perceived to be… my dog wants to kill that little bit of rope.

Having the toys gives me something to redirect Ned to when he goes for my thongs. He seems to genuinely appreciate them. He even buried the toy doughnut and hid it from me!

I’ve been placing them on his day bed and in his crate to get him used to having his own areas.

Dog Day Bed
Dog Day Bed

Pig’s Ears

I don’t know why this seems gross. It’s better than bacon. For some reason eating a pig’s arse is more appetising than an ear for me personally. Nonetheless, Ned likes pig’s ears. It’s another thing for him to slowly chew on. I’ve only been using these as a treat when he has to stay in his outdoor pen. The longest I’ve left him alone is 3 hours. I generally have a security camera focused on him so I can check in on him. The pig’s ear gives him something to focus on while he’s alone and so little.

I don’t know if there is much difference in the quality of pig’s ears. But Ned likes these ones.

All Australian Pig Ears


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