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Fighting Female Perpetrated Filicide

One year ago today on the 1st August, 2019 Iyla Lee Katerns was murdered by her biological mother.

In honour of Iyla this is a special video tribute by Iyla’s Dad, Nathan.

Three-year-old Iyla Lee Katterns was found dead inside her home in Orange, New South Wales’ Central West, on the night of Thursday, August 1, 2019. Her mother, 40-year-old Tamara Gurney was charged with her daughter’s murder.

Tamara is currently awaiting trial.

The Mother, Tamara Gurney had taken Iyla more than 620 miles away without the Fathers consent.

After an 18 month long legal battle, Iyla’s Father Nathan was finally granted custody of Iyla, by the Federal Family Court of Australia.

Little Iyla was, allegedly, murdered by her mother the day that the Mother was ordered by the court to return Iyla to the Father, after he was given full custody.

There are many concerning differences regarding Australia’s response to the similar horrific domestic violence deaths of Hannah Clarke and her children earlier this year and Iyla’s death.


  • No political leaders stood up on behalf of Iyla or her Dad.
  • No interviews on mainstream Australia media.
  • No call for change to the current Domestic Violence laws to recognise the deaths of children at the hands of their mothers who are more often the perpetrators, to decrease the likelihood of this happening again.
  • No public outcry condemning the evil Mother
  • No candlelight vigils for Iyla
  • No flowers or shrines made in honour of this little girl
  • No support for Iyla’s Father, Nathan, nor his family whatsoever. Only government funded opposition which contributed to the murder.
  • The only difference is that this crime was committed by the Mother, rather than the Father which ruins the Matriarchal narrative that “only men are perpetrators and women can only be victims”.
  • If the perpetrator had of been male, little Iyla’s death would have been avenged by a joint media/politician and public outcry of grief.

In stark contrast the response was a deafening, disappointing and heartbreaking SILENCE. It shows that we care more about the opinions of Matriarchal tyrants and their campaign for total dominance and control of every domain in our society than we care about the safety of children.

Iyla’s Father was repeatedly silenced and had his hands tied as he fought through the female/maternal biased family law court to protect his daughter.

Iyla is a victim of the ultimate act of Domestic Violence and you’ve never heard about her.

Biological mothers account for about 35% of all filicides (about the same proportion as stepfathers and de factos), while biological fathers account for 29%.

We need to change our Domestic Violence laws to identify that Domestic Violence is NOT gender based. It’s about behaviour and values.

More info on this case on the article here.

Darren & Iyla Katterns



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