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Gender Wage Non-gap

All numbers from ABS 2019.

Female average work hours: 36.9 hours.
Male average work hours: 40.8

Female weekly earnings: $1433.60
Male weekly earnings: $1678.40

Overtime in Australia begins at 38 hours, and is paid at 1.5x – 2x hourly rate. We will split the difference and use 1.75x.

Female average overtime worked = 0
Male average overtime worked = 2.8 hours (40.8 – 38).

2.8 hours paid at 1.75x rate equates to 4.9 hours worked. Including overtime men work equivalent of 42.9 hours per week (38 + 4.9)

Thus female hourly rate = $1433.60 / 36.9 hours = $38.85 per hour.

Male hourly rate = $1678.40 / 42.9 hours = $39.1 per hour.

$38.85 vs $39.1 per hour.

You’ll notice most matriarchal arguments will obfuscate the data in weekly or annual figures so that it appears men earn significantly more. This claim is patently false.

There is no significant gender wage gap in Australia. There is a gender work hours gap.

This calculation was sourced from the team at Domestic Violence Awareness Australia (DVAA).

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