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Human Rights, Feminism & Men’s Rights

Human Rights, Feminism & Men’s Rights

Human Rights are a complex issue. It’s something we’ve only really been able to articulate as a species in the last few hundred years. Historically most cultures had human rights embedded in their religion which served as a guide. However, all religions disagree on some issues and even internally within religions, there are polarising views on fundamental human rights.

The UN have developed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You can read them here. I think it would be hard to find a reasonable human being who would disagree with any of the rights listed. I think the difficulty is in HOW they are achieved especially for specific demographics.

Feminism is defined in Colliers New Encyclopedia as:

FEMINISM, a term, supposed to have originated in France in 1890, which includes all phases of the modern tendency of women to assert their equality in the social life with men; their right to enter the professions on an equal basis with men, equal suffrage for both sexes in political matters, and a general recognition of the rights of women to interest themselves in pubic affairs.

Fundamentalist feminist aims for women have been:

  • equal rights under the law
  • the ability to vote
  • equal pay for equal work
  • equal vocation opportunities
  • the right to education
  • the right to live free from violence

There are several more campaigns and additional agendas however these are unanimously agreed upon as the core aims.

Considering these core aims and there direct overlap with the universal declaration of human rights I wholeheartedly agree and therefore identify as a Feminist.

The Men’s Right Movement or “MRM” in particular consists of a variety of groups and individuals who focus on general social issues and specific government services which adversely impact, or in some cases structurally discriminate against, men and boys. Common topics debated within the men’s rights movement include the alleged favour given to women in family law including but not limited to matters such as child custody, spouse maintenance and marital property distribution. The movement also concerns itself with promoting awareness, remediating and working towards reasonable gender parity on the issues:

  • Parenting, Reproduction & Paternity Right & Responsibilities
  • Male Suicide (About 3x Female Suicide)
  • Domestic Violence Against Men
  • Circumcision
  • Education
  • Conscription & Military Responsibility
  • General Systemic Bias
  • Social Safety Nets For Men
  • Workplace Safety (99% of workplace deaths and serious injuries are male)
  • Health Policies (Men die about 5 to 6 years earlier than women)
  • False & Vexatious Complaints Against Men
  • Incarceration, The Police & The Judicial Systems
  • Homelessness

Someone involved with the MRM is known as a Men’s Rights Activist or MRA.

Most of these issues are covered under the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There is no agenda in the MRM that opposes the Human Rights, and specifically, nor the rights of women. I believe it is perfectly acceptable and I’d even say preferable to be both a MRA and a feminist. I personally identify as a humanist, a feminist and a Men’s Rights Activist.

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