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My Account Of Events: Part 2

I’m passionate about helping people out of crisis situations. When I was young I went through hell and noone was there for me. I had a few well intentioned people try and help. The few times I trusted people I’d tell them what was going on and their eyes would glaze over. They simply didn’t have the capability to deal with it. If you mix religion, mental health, violence and other criminal behaviour no one wants to touch it. No one wants to even hear about it.

Religious leaders will teach about difficult topics and pray for you from a distance. But they don’t actually help you. The police help with simple black & white breaches of the law. But that’s it (if you’re lucky). Lawyers help themselves make money and occasionally clients with legal problems. Good psychologists are good. But they don’t help you on the field. A social worker, case manager, coach or chaplain is perhaps the role that exists to effectively help people in these situations. If you’re very lucky.

I spent many years doing therapy and worked hard on my self. I addressed and overcame my own problems. I still see a psychologist and have other supporters around me as needed. I started a charity helping people in severe concurrent crisis situations. I did a coaching course. So I refer to myself as a “crisis coach”. I coach people out of crisis and towards their purpose.

In my twenties, I worked for a few organisations helping people out of crisis situations. I learned from some great people. I was in some great teams who helped people develop new life skills, make better choices and depart crisis sustainably. We worked with the worst in Qld.

I considered it an honour to serve my community this way. I also did it after hours on my own time as a hobby.

I often risked my life to save people. Especially a lot of near suicide attempts. I’ve rescued people from burning alive 3x, hanging from a noose, drowning, jumping off a cliff, other various attempts. Many many deliberate, & accidental, car accidents.

I’ve been held up at knife point and other weapons more times than I can remember. One time I was taken hostage and was in a high speed chase.

Every time I was able to save my client from dying & protect the community. I’ve never had a client die while working with them. Every suicide I successfully intervened and encouraged them to choose life. Every time I was attacked with a knife no blood was ever spilled. Unrepentant crims went back to prison. Those who were willing to change went on and improved their lives.

If you’d like to support me with my legal and other costs it’d be appreciated. You can contribute here.

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I'm a musician, a podcaster, a blogger & I work in marketing. I live in Australia and have two dogs named Ned & Sasha.


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