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My Nutrition Journey Has Begun

It has begun.  I’ve started on my nutrition mission.  I am going to chronicle my journey of discovering nutrition this year.  Hopefully it’ll inspire and encourage others on their journey.  The information I compile may prove useful for others to use in wading through the myriad nonsense information out there.

eat-to-liveI’ve started to re-read Joel Fuhrman‘s book Eat to live and looking at some of his other material online.  I like this guy because he’s a medical doctor who extended over to nutrition.  A lot of the nutritionists online aren’t educated and their advice is based on circumstantial evidence or worse.  Joel is legit.  When I’m looking for advice from someone I always see what their enemies say.  The worst arguments against Joel’s books are pretty tame.  Plus he’s had brilliant reviews from countless people.  Most famously Joe Cross from Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead who lost 45kg by exclusively consuming fresh fruit & vegetables for 60 days straight while driving across the United States.

There are hundreds of diets available that vary macronutrients no carbs, but heaps of fat.  No fat, only carbs.  But this seems to be with the sole agenda of losing weight which is as superficial as fast food advertising.  It’s not about getting healthy.  Eating McDonalds quarter pounders without the bun (to avoid the carbs) sounds like a gimmick that might succeed in losing weight but it seems be missing the point of nourishing the body.  My primary concern is getting my energy back and my health.  To love my body so that I have a great temple to live in the rest of my life.

 Here’s my first Vlog about this journey on my public facebook page…

Vlog No.1 of the Nutrition Journey 2016

This is the Vlog No.1 of the Nutrition Journey 2016. #NutritionJourney16

Posted by Adam James on Sunday, January 17, 2016

IMG_4011I didn’t have the cash to buy a new one so I bought a second hand juicer for $25 from gumtree.  There were a bunch available under $50.  I looked through them all and found the Juice Fountain Max (I did some research of some online reviews and the breville website and that one is slightly bigger and better).  I’ve also already got a nutribullet copy that I bought off of ebay for $50.  Some things just don’t juice well… so I can blend or juice as my heart & taste buds determine.  I went and spent $100 on fresh produce at T-Bones here in Aspley.  It’s not organic but it’s close by, fresh, tasty and cheap.

All I’m doing is adding these smoothies.  I haven’t consciously removed anything else from my diet.

I’m still working out the recipes.  I’m just throwing in whatever each time to see what works.  Some are better than others but here’s a complete list of the ingredients:  Cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, ginger, turmeric, lemon, lime, oranges, pineapple, apple, pears, watermelon, blueberries.  In the blender cacao, raw honey, coconut, organic vegetable based protein powder.

Psychologically I’m attaching the frustration of being lethargic to a lack of nutritional fuel in my body’s cells.  This is giving me the motivation to load up on a lot of vegetables and fruit.

I’m exploring the options and benefits of doing something more exclusive and radical to truly explore the power of nutrition… watch this space.

I’ll be tagging everything I post regarding this journey with #abjnutritionjourney on everything online if you want to follow it.



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