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My beautiful dog Sasha has given birth to a litter of puppies.  Sasha is an incredible dog.  Both the bitch and the sire are Amstaff X.  I researched their lineage when I got them and they have a mix of Mastiff, Rednose Pitbull & Bandog.  Sasha has been remarkably easy to train.  I have done a lot of off leash agility training with her and she can complete an entire agility course perfectly off leash with only hand signals.  We are based in Brighton which is in the northeastern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.  You’ll need to arrange to collect them from here or some other safe transit to collect the puppies.  I have them listed on Gumtree here https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sandgate/dogs-puppies/amstaff-puppies/1298866710.

puppy packEach puppy will receive their first vaccination.  They will be regularly treated for worms and fleas.  They will each be microchipped.  

Each of them will come with a “puppy pack”.  It will include a high quality kibble that their tummies are used to, treats and accessories to help with a smooth transition into their new forever home.  We’ll also include worming and flea treatment formula, a collar, harness, puppy training pads and a few other items.

Each of the dogs will receive basic training including:

  1. Toileting
  2. Crate training
  3. Socialisation with bigger and smaller dogs
  4. Basic swimming, bathing and showering so they are accustomed to water
  5. Following the sit command


I’m a registered breeder in Queensland.  My Breeder Identification No. is BIN0011509599750.

About the available Puppies

If you’re interested please fill out the expression of interest form below.  It’s important to make sure the puppy is a good fit for your home with factors including 

  1. other animals in the house
  2. location of your property
  3. appropriate fencing


and other compatible lifestyle factors.  It’s important for the life of each dog that they have the best opportunity at a ‘forever home’.  

There will be 6 puppies available to take home from the 28th January 2022.

Click on the pictures below to find out more about each puppy.  


Expression Of Interest Form

If you’re interested in one or more of the puppies please fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you soon.

More Information

When raised with the proper training and socialisation, this breed makes an excellent companion for children.  They are loving and gentle with people.  They are devoted and loyal to their family and will, if necessary, defend them to the death.

These dogs are intelligent and learn commands and tricks with ease.  They have a zest for life and love to be involved in everything going on around them. They maintain a puppyish demeanour well into adulthood, and that vitality makes them a joy to live with.  Once you have met and gotten to know this breed you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

These are not a good choice for people who can give them little or no attention.

They must be trained and socialised when young to overcome the breed’s tendencies toward stubbornness and bossiness, which combined with his strength can make him hard to handle if he hasn’t learned you are in charge.

They must be kept on leash in public to prevent aggression toward other dogs.  It’s not a good idea to let these dogs run loose in dog parks especially without a muzzle.  While they might not start a fight, they’ll never back down from one, and they fight to the finish.  If they aren’t properly socialised as puppies can become aggressive toward other dogs.

Sasha: The Dam (Bitch)

Ned: The Sire


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