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Puppy Available: (G1) Breeze *UNAVAILABLE*

Puppy Available: (G1) Breeze *UNAVAILABLE*

This beautiful pup is “G1” and temporarily named Breeze.  She was born on the 5th June 2022.  For more information please visit the puppy page. 



She weighed in at 2.00kg exactly.  She received a 2ml dose of high quality Drontal worming formula.  She seems happy.  Her eyes and ears have opened.  She has begun walking.  Her tail wags when she is being played with.  No signs of concern.  She appears to be a happy and healthy young puppy.  She has a particularly calm nature about her.  


Breeze weighed in at 3.2kg.  She received her dose of worming formula.  She is happy and healthy.  She is eating well.  She’s starting to toilet outside most of the time.  She’s interacting with her siblings well.  She has nice gentle nature about her.


Breeze received her vaccination and microchip this morning.  The vet inspected her and she is in great healthy.  There are no observable concerns.  She is happy and healthy.  She’s interacting well with her siblings.  She weighed in at a healthy 5.25kg.


Breeze had her dose of Exelpet Flea/Heartworm & Intestinal Worm formula.  We used the topical ointment this time.  She seems in good health.  She’s probably the heaviest of the puppies now.  She’s very calm and gentle in comparison to her siblings.  Here’s a short video of her today.


I did some training with Breeze today.  We worked on a few basic commands such as sit, heel, centre & come.  She did really well.  She interacted with some big dogs today.  She really enjoyed it.  


Breeze had her worming formula and flea treatment today.  I did some leash training with her down at the local cafe.  She’s interacting well with other dogs.  She’s a very calm puppy.  Compared to her siblings she’s very relaxed and gentle.  She’s eating really well.  I think she might be the heaviest of the pups.  She’s developing good muscle tone.  She has an impressive physique.  We worked on heel, come and stop today.  She responded well to the training.  


I did some more training with Breeze today.  We’re working on the basics.  I’ve started using a harness so the leash is more gentle on her neck.  She met some puppies down at the cafe and interacted well.  She’s well socialised now which is great to see.


Breeze received her worming and flea treatment formula today.  She is in good health.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about (G1) Breeze please get in touch on the puppies page.  It’s really important that these dogs go to a forever home that is a good match for Breeze and the family.  

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