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Puppy Available: (G3) Storm*UNAVAILABLE*

Puppy Available: (G3) Storm*UNAVAILABLE*

This gorgeous pup is “G3” and temporarily named Storm.  She was born on the 5th June 2022.  For more information please visit the puppy page. 


She weighed in at 1.76kg.  She received her dose of high quality Drontal worming formula.  She seems happy.  Her eyes and ears have opened.  She has begun walking.  Her tail wags when she is being played with.  No signs of concern.  She appears to be a happy and healthy young puppy!


Storm had a visit to the vet.  She received her vaccinations and microchip.  The vet was happy with her health.  The vet did not that her jaw was quite narrow which could mean teeth problems later on.  But it’s not an issue now and should correct itself.  Worth keeping an eye on them though.  


Storm weighed in at 3.3kg.  She received her dose of exelpet worming formula.  She is very happy and playful.  She has begun toileting outside.  She’s interacting well with her siblings.  


G3 Storm is coming along well.  She’s a little bit lighter than her siblings but she’s still growing and putting on weight.  She had her worming & flea formula today.  We’ve started doing basic training, she’s getting used to a leash and walking in the heel position.  She’s toileting outside regularly now.  Occasionally she goes in the wrong place but she’s learning quickly.


I took Storm out for some leash and agility training.  She’s learning fast.  Her personality has really developed in the last couple of weeks.  She’s much smaller than her siblings.  She’s extremely extroverted and caring.  She’s the “little sister”.  She checks on all her brothers and sisters, licks them and makes sure they’re okay.  Whenever I go outside she is the most excited to see me every single time.  She has to jump up on me and cuddle.  She’s just an adorable pup.


Storm did some more training today.  We’ve started using a harness while on the leash.  She’s getting used to handling the leash pressure.  She’s a very kind and gentle puppy.  She interacted well with the other dogs she met today.  She had her worming and flea formula today.


Storm received her flea treatment and worming formula today.  She looks to be in good health.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about (G3) Storm please get in touch via the puppies page.  It’s really important that she goes to a forever home that is a good match for both (G3) Storm and the family.  

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