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Puppy Available: (G5) Zephyr

This awesome puppy is “G5” and temporarily named Zephyr.  She was born on the 5th June 2022.  For more information please visit the puppy page.

She is a quiet calm little puppy.  Zephyr is available for $900.  She has had extensive training.  She is able to walk in heel, centre & sit on command.  She doesn’t like small children (under about 6yo).  She is an introvert and takes a while to warm to people.  She cuddles me but doesn’t like strangers too much.  She interacts well with other dogs both bigger and smaller.  She doesn’t like high energy dogs that get in her face too much.  



Zephyr weighed in at 2.05kg.  She received her dose of high quality Drontal worming formula.  I think this pup might be the pick of the litter.  She has the strongest gait.  Her walking skills are better than the others.  She also displayed stronger will in not wanting to take the worming medicine.  She’s more assertive and stronger than the others. 


Zephyr weighed in at 3.1kg.  She received her dose of Drontal worming formula.  She is developing very well.  She has notably better dexterity and assertiveness compared to her siblings.  She has sky blue eyes and a white patch on her chest and white colouring on her front paws.  She’s a particularly gorgeous pup. 


Zephyr weighed in at 5.35kg today.  She received her microchip and vaccination.  The vet checked her over and she is in perfect health.  She is interacting with her siblings well.  She’s toileting outside now.  She has started crate training.  She’s a particularly gorgeous pup.  


Zephyr had her worming tablet today.  She’s looking healthy.  Her tail was wagging and she was interacting well with me one on one.


Zephyr has grown so much.  She’s certainly one of the biggest and boldest of the litter.  She’s quite assertive but still calm.  She had her worming formula this evening.  She seems to be in good shape.  I’ve noticed she’s taken a leadership role amongst her siblings.  She looks healthy.


Zephyr had her worming formula and flea treatment this morning.  We did some leash training.  She’s responding well and starting to learn how to heel, come and stop.  She loves interacting with other dogs.  


Zephyr received her flea treatment and worming formula today.  She seems in good health.  She’s developing well.  She dug a hole under the fence and got into the neighbours yard.  She scratched her head pretty bad doing this.  I’ve cleaned the cut.  It’s healing well.  Just keeping an eye on it.


I took Zephyr to the beach today.  She was quite nervous.  There were some other dogs down there and kids.  She liked interacting with them.  We did some leash and agility training.  She’s still developing well.  She’s very calm but also confident.  She was submissive toward the bigger dogs but not fearful and still playful.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about (G5) Zephyr please get in touch on the puppies page.  It’s really important that these dogs go to a forever home that is a good match for both (G5) Zephyr and the family.  

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