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Rehoming My Dogs

Rehoming My Dogs

I’m moving overseas and need to find a new home for my beautiful dogs. I considered taking them with me and might have to if I can’t find a great family. After really thinking about it, the best option for my dogs is for them to find a great family to live with.

These dogs are exceptional. I have spent an enormous amount of time training them. I’ve taught them to follow both hand signals and corresponding voice commands. They walk in the heel position. They will “stay” and “come” on command. I’ve raised them to be very social and friendly. I’ve been very strict with them. They love people and other dogs but they are still defensive of the household.

When I got them I researched their lineage up to their grandparents. I didn’t care about them being a purebred but I wanted to make sure there were no health or behavioural issues. Sasha’s parents and grandparents were exceptional dogs too. Their breed is registered as American Staffordshire Terrier. They both have Mastiff in their ancestry. Sasha has a grandparent who was a Bandogge. I’ve noticed some of these traits at the dog park when we came across another dog with Bandogge heritage.


Ned & Sasha have lived inside and outside. They spend most of their time outside the house. Occasionally, maybe once per week, they are allowed to sleep inside the home. They will be fine to sleep in or outside in their new home.


They’ve had a diverse diet. I’ve fed them a mix of raw food and kibble since they were puppies. Totally raw diets sometimes miss some vital nutrients and don’t get the balance quite right. Kibble and canned food is generally pretty terrible quality but do have the right ratio of macro nutrients and are fortified with micro nutrients. Dogs who have a good quality raw diet generally live longer and are less likely to get cancer. I feed my dogs a good quality kibble, canned food, raw vegetables, raw chicken (generally necks). This seems to be a good balance. The dogs like it and they are very healthy.

I’ve deliberately mixed up their diet so they are not totally reliant on one type of kibble or meat. They will eat anything.


Ned is a great dog. He’s been such a loyal companion. He’s very affectionate. He loves cuddling. He’s very strong and healthy. He’s had no sickness. One time he caught dog warts from another dog down at the dog park. We thought he’d need some anti-viral medication which was quite expensive. Within a matter of days his own immunity fought off the virus and it cleared up. Apparently, if the dog is healthy and strong this fairly normal.

He loves socialising with other dogs but he’s very strong. If another dog attacks him he will almost certainly win in a fight. He’ll never start a fight but he’s had other male dogs attack him and his quickly put them to the ground. I avoid having him around other dogs now just to be careful.

Ned never gets scared except around water. Since he was a puppy he has hated water. To clean him as a puppy I’d have to cradle him like a baby in the shower. I take them to the beach and river to swim regularly. Ned loves the event but not the swimming.

Ned has been desexed. He’s been regularly vaccinated and had flea & tick formula. He’s never had any ticks or fleas. Ned was born on the 17th May 2021. He’s about 2.5 years old now.


Sasha is just an incredible dog. She is very affectionate and considerate. She’s very very friendly. She loves cuddling and socialising with other people and dogs. Sasha has NOT been desexed. It’s quite an invasive procedure and so I hope she doesn’t have to be.

Sasha was born on the 21st June 2021. She’s about 2.5 years old now.


I’ve listed them for $1000 each but I’m most interested in them getting a great new home. If price is an issue please get in touch to discuss.

Other Notes

I’d really like for them to stay together ideally but if it’s not possible they might need to find different homes.

They really need to find a new home by the end of November.  So as soon as possible. 

We’re based in Brisbane so if you’re outside Brisbane we’d need to coordinate collection.


Expression Of Interest

If you’re interested in adopting these beautiful dogs please get in touch via the form below or send me an email to adamlikescoffee@gmail.com.

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