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Rules Of Engagement

Rules Of Engagement

Here’s a basic Code of Conduct for discussions online so we can discuss really difficult topics, publicly in the best way possible.

  1. Let’s do values and evidence based discourse as opposed to identity and ideologically based 
  2. No truth claims unless you can provide a citation
  3. Sharing feelings is okay as long as they are correctly labelled and communicated as such
  4. Religion & spirituality is cool as long as it’s correctly labelled and communicated as such
  5. Swearing is okay. Swearing at someone isn’t.
  6. No initiating ad hominem arguments
  7. Logical fallacies will be exposed.  Learn them and use them at your peril.
  8. Feminists are welcome to comment but hate speech against men, or anyone, will not be tolerated.
  9. I value equality and therefore I oppose supremacist ideologies such as white power, black power, apartheid, nazism, fascism and feminism.
  10. I unapologetically focus on mens issues more than women’s issues. Focus isn’t about bias. It’s just that I am focussing on issues that men face in the best gender unbiased way possible.
  11. Challenging someone is a good thing but do it like they’re your friend. Be kind about it.
  12. Don’t disrespect someone’s humanity or their personal experience
  13. Everyone is welcome to their opinion.  The problem is opinions are like arseholes: everyone has one.  Use them in right place at the right time.  Opinions can be kindly disagreed with in part or full.  Opinions aren’t facts and that’s okay.
  14. Don’t lie.
    1. Don’t use deception to cause harm to someone
    2. Don’t use deception to benefit yourself
  15. If you’re abusive toward me I might screenshot your post and post it publicly to expose your behaviour.

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